Senior Full Stack Devs in Software Development Team

Return to 🏠 @ImmobiliareLabs in the Software Development Team, with a focus on developing and maintaining web applications through the use of server-side and client-side technologies | More in Linkedin.

Maestrale IT

Fullstack Devs & Frontend Specialist

Bring Frontend experience to enhance internal FE framework - Now in Angular/JavaSpringBoot Team @Turin | More in Linkedin.


Frontend Developer

Optimize the frontend structure of the main products "Nuvola" through Webpack, semantic html clean and WebComponents. Made Docker env for Cordova/Ionic application and init demo application in React Native | More in Linkedin.

Meditrial Europe

Fullstack & Frontend Devs

Working on a ZF/Dojo based clinical trial software. I have tried to provide a more modern, client-side structuring (especially JS), through the Dojo's framework used in company, and resolution of some bugs in old browsers | More in Linkedin.

Senior Fullstack Devs in Frontent Team

I developed experience in @ImmobiliareLabs up to manage all the technological flows for private ads. I have worked with PHP / Symfony, Javascript ES6 and Bash for script management. | More in Linkedin.

Accenture ATS

TIBCO/Java Programmers

Programmer at ATS Italy on TIBCO Business Works. I followed a training period on the platform in TIBCO BW Alitalia SpA, have subsequently been assigned to the team "ESB/CRM - Wind SpA". | More in Linkedin.


Web Engineer

AMP platform programmer specializing in Ajax, Javascript and Flash Framework Environment (include Actionscript OOP). | More in Linkedin.


Web Developer

Web devs on some dynamic site in Flash/AS3 and XML as through pass data. I conceived and managed my thesis "Enterprise Mashup in Web 2.0 Era" | More in Linkedin.

Complete Curriculum

My complete curriculum on my Linkedin profile

Other personal project

  • Complete web-application for managing a fantasy football tournament in PHP-CSS3-MySql-Javascript-React.js – build NPM/grunt and deploy with CI/CD through Bitbucket Pipelines, layout responsive
  • XHTML5-Javascript-PHP-Mysql: CMS with project managing, news and dynamic content pubblication, layout responsive
  • La Posta XHTML5-Javascript-PHP-Mysql: CMS with news and page dynamic managing
  • Avigliano Salute XHTML5-Javascript-PHP-Mysql: CMS with news, page dynamic managing – deploy with NPM/grunt, layout responsive
  • Dimora Todini XHTML5-Javascript-PHP-Mysql: CMS with news, page dynamic managing, content language managing, layout responsive


  • codesandbox Frontend code playground, example and snippets
  • React Native mobile playground for apps