Hi there

Various years experience in web design and development of dynamic site in AMP environment. Advanced skill of PHP and Object Oriented Programming with PHP, using Framework and template engine like Zend, Smarty, Symfony.

I am currently dealing with web projects on LAMP platform that makes extensive use of JavaScript and html5, using library such as JQuery, innovative frontend library like React.js and framework like Angular.

I have experience in various side of Java Technology like interface creation with AWG/Swing, analysis of code, connection with Database(Oracle) through JDBC and use of Java Spring Boot to just-run java web application.

In recent years I have approached the frontend through Angular and React.js, also for the creation of mobile applications using libraries such as React Native or Cordova / Ionic.

  • JS95%
  • VanillaJS100%
  • JQuery100%
  • React85%
  • Angular80%
  • HTML100%
  • CSS100%
  • SASS85%
  • LESS65%
  • PHP90%
  • Symfony65%
  • Java70%
  • Mysql, PostgreSQL, MSSQL95%

Other Specialization:

  • XML
  • XPath
  • Bash Scripting
  • VCS (Git, SVN)
  • Flash and AS3
  • TIBCO BusinessWorks

Now, recently, i returned in Immobiliare.it as Senior Full Stack Developer, in a group that I know but which technically has never stopped… Just as I don’t want to stop.

Specifically i return to 🏠, @Immobiliare Labs, in the Software Development Team, with a focus on developing and maintaining web applications through the use of server-side and client-side technologies.

From mid-2019 to mid-2021 worked in Maestrale Information Technology as Fullstack developer-Frontend specialist: i was part of a small team in an external clients, a large company for the digitization of HR, which deals with managing business processes on Budget and Reporting/Analyze Data with Java Spring Boot and Angular technology, upper the base of Oracle.

I also worked on the refactoring of internal frameworks in ES6, updating the build workflow and dependency management: all on a completely REST client system that interfaces with microservices in .NET Core. I have also scheduled the activities related to the performance of the web application, and to the minimization of bottlenecks on the purely styling part (minimize CSS and CSS blocking minimization).

Worked at Immobiliare.it(Immobiliare Labs), Frontend Team on LAMP platform for 5 years mainly with oop programming in PHP and Javascript.

I took care of the re-implementation of some ad management script in PHP and Bash, and on new processes and workflows for serving private ads.

Managing frontend interface with new HTML5/CSS3 specification in conjunction with Javascript library/framework like JQuery/React.js. I am involved in the development of some projects on Symfony Platform.

Worked in Madisoft Spa (labs.madisoft.it): some information about it in my linkedin profile

Some examples, showcase or testing code in my codesandbox profile.